Lend a helping hand
Being Truly Responsible

What’s the Need to Care?

People love connecting with brands that make them feel like they’re making a positive difference in the world.

The positive impact you make gets tangible and incredible when it directly influences the lives of your customers.

What more can be done than helping your customers drive their career paths to success and reach greater heights? In doing so, you create a successful business with high moral standards.

  • Build brand trust and increase customer loyalty
  • Boost profitability and long-term success
  • Encourage social change and make a positive impact
Free Learning Courses to Customers

How We Help You Care?

The mission of our company is to help aspiring students and individuals build a successful career by offering online skill development courses from world-class universities and institutions and career guidance from industry experts.

These online skill development courses, sponsored by brands like you, are provided for free to its’ customers.

Employability Skills
Development Courses


Our free employability skills development courses with an internship help your customers become job ready and excel in their chosen career.

Entrepreneurship Skills
Development Courses


Our free entrepreneurial skills development courses transform your customers into visionary leaders and bring innovative solutions to complex problems.

Online Skill Development Courses - Highlights

  Offered by world-class universities and institutions

  Video-based learning

  Maximum 15 hours of learning time

  Spread over 3 months

Build a Great Brand Reputation with:

  Social responsibility video of your brand played each time before the course

  A link to your Brand Sustainability Page on our platform

  A link to your online store

  Customers learn at their own pace

  Periodical virtual chats with industry experts

  Online exam and certification

  Internship and career guidance

Online Courses

Through video-based lessons


From recognized institutions


With better employment prospects

Career Guidance

With placement assistance


Helping Customers Succeed

How It Works


Sponsor an online skill development course

Sponsor a course that aligns with your purpose. Our varied courses may suit your brand irrespective of the market and the people it serves.


Show how your brand cares for the society

A short video of 2 to 3 minutes demonstrating your brand’s social responsibility is played each time before streaming course content.


Publish the QR code of the course you sponsor

Print the customized QR code with a link to the course on your product packaging, advertisement materials, and all communications to reach your customers.


Engage your customers and help them succeed

Let your customers scan the QR code with their mobile, learn the skill, complete the exam, undertake an internship and drive their career paths to success.

Communicate Social Responsibility

Your Path to Success

Empower customers to build their successful careers and build your brand with a purpose.

Here are a few videos of brands that demonstrate their social cause. Once your customer scans the QR code, this social responsibility video is played each time before the course content is streamed. Make them feel as though they are part of a wider community that is connected with your brand to help make the world a better place.

Businesses who are doing this are finding success.

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Contact us for a free no obligation consultation on building your brand with a purpose by sponsoring a skill development course and empowering your customers to build their successful careers.