Simulated Work-Based Learning

Test Driving a Tech Career

Career test driving is done through simulated work-based learning, which is all about creating circumstances or scenarios that reflect the real world and observing a working professional.

This proactive approach provides opportunities for real-world learning with a focus on what you do and why you do it. The learning paths that are suggested in the course, to land the job, will train you on how you do it.

Our simulated real-world learning model creates an environment similar to a real-world workplace scenario, helps you experience a career through virtual job shadowing, provides deeper insights into what the job involves and your key responsibilities, and helps you find out if the tech career suits you well.

"Giving the students a chance to fully engage in a professional role allows them to fulfill that goal they are working toward." - Dr. Wlodkowski

Test Driving Strategy

Simulates the workplace experience by taking unique real-life challenges confronted by companies and solutions found to overcome those challenges.
Uses interactive scenarios and immerses learners in real lifelike situations, and helps them understand what actions would produce the desired results.
Normally involves learners working their way through a storyline, usually based around an ill-structured or complex problem, which they are required to solve.

Test Driving Outcome


Gain career clarity

Explore the nature of work and get to know the core responsibilities from the comfort of your home.


Discover if the career suits you

Experience what real-life work would be like, find if it aligns with your Ikigai and decide if the career is right for you.


Get qualified to land a job

Improve your fundamentals and enrol in a certification course to get qualified and land a job.

All this can be done, right on your mobile phone or computer, without any hassles.

Skills You Gain

Real-world knowledge

With a deep generalist mindset, you will gain real-world knowledge of the career with a focus on what you do and why you do it.

Problem-solving skills

With a focus on the bigger picture, you learn to resolve a problem by devising creative solutions that address the root of the problem.

Test Drive a Tech Career

Tech Career Exploration Courses

Career Exploration


A tech job shadowing course helps you explore real-world work in the selected tech career.

  Duration: Approx. 15 hours to complete
  Effort: 1 hour per day for 15 days
  Course Access Period: 30 days
(You can download case studies in PDF for later reference)
  Learning: 100% online right on your mobile phone or computer
  Beginner Level: No prior experience needed to participate in and benefit from this course.
  Course Price: Ranges from ₹3999/course to ₹5999/course
  Schedule: Self-paced and learn on your own schedule
  Self-Assessment and Certification: A self-assessment to find if the career aligns with your Ikigai and downloadable certificate upon course completion
  Language: English

Who is the course for?

A student looking to pursue a tech career or a graduate looking for a job or a working professional looking for a career change.


What does the course include?

  • In-depth study of real-world challenges in a simulated exploratory learning environment reflecting workplace scenarios
  • Case studies - Downloadable in PDF
  • Insights from professionals working in related fields
  • Supporting topics and quizzes
  • Links to career outlook and growth prospects
  • Links to learning paths to land a career
  • Online resources to find a mentor
  • Hands-on Activity
  • Self-Assessment and Certificate of completion

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