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There is a huge gap between what academia imparts to learners and what the industry expects from young employees. Exposure to the industry helps them develop holistically by getting educated about the industry.

Industry exposure

Our industry exposure hub provides you with the following curated resources and helps you gain real-world knowledge.

Job shadowing

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing allows you to follow and closely observe an employee performing the role.

It is an informal way to learn what it is like to perform a particular job at a workplace and develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of it. 'Day in the Life of' videos help you gain insights into a professional's routine.


Developing problem-solving skills is crucial to managing complex situations in your professional life effectively.

With the help of real-world case studies, you will learn to improve your problem-solving skills in a given job.

Informational interviews

Informational Interviews

An informational interview is a brief meeting between a person who wants to investigate a career and a person working in that career.

The goal of an informational interview is not to get a job. Instead, the purpose is to gather information about industries, jobs or organizations you might like – to see if they fit your interests and personality.

Workshops and Webinars

Access to career development workshops provides many benefits for your personal and professional growth.

These workshops help hone skills like resume writing, aptitude test preparation, group discussion, attending interviews and many others.

Workshops and webinars
Tech tools

Tech Tools

Improve your overall work performance with expert tips that boost productivity, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Office technology encompasses all of the technologies a business uses to remain in operation. You'll receive tech tips that improve your performance and details of tech tools that are used in the workplaces.

Career Development Tips

Career development is a lifelong process of managing and advancing one's career. This process involves assessing where you are now compared to where you want to be and creating a plan to get there.

Understand how career development works and what you can do to improve yours regardless of your field through relevant blogs, articles and videos shared with you periodically.

Tips and techniques
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