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The robust growth of technology has revolutionized the entire world and every company across sectors looks to recruit tech talents, harness technology and accelerate its business growth.

But to get upskilled and recruited, many tech aspirants find it overwhelming and difficult to choose a suitable tech career from continually emerging and evolving new age tech domains like AI, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, etc.

Are you one such tech aspiring student or a fresh graduate or a working professional looking to start or switch to a suitable tech career?

No more worries!

Real-world work

Through our career test drive courses,

  •   test drive tech careers across domains
  •   explore real-life work and
  •   gain career clarity

suitable career

Find a career that

  •   aligns with your values
  •   matches your abilities and interests and
  •   provides you with fulfilment

career start
Dive In

With our expert-curated resources,

  •   improve your soft skills
  •   find a mentor who can guide you and
  •   enrol in a suitable tech course

How It Works

How We Help You Choose a Suitable Tech Career?

Choosing a suitable career that aligns with your values can have a significant impact on your lifelong levels of happiness, health, and fulfilment.

Step 1

Select and Test Drive a Tech Career

explore real-life work

  •   Explore what real-life work at leading companies would be like.
  •   Gain a better idea of the nature of work from the comfort of your home.

Step 2

Gain Work Insights and Career Clarity

career clarity

  •   Gain enviable insights into what it’s like to solve meaningful challenges.
  •   Gain knowledge of practical application through immersive learning.

Step 3

Discover If the Career Suits You

career suitability

  •   Complete the hands-on activity and find out if the work suits you.
  •   Take a self-assessment quiz and find if the work matches your ability and passion.

Step 4

Avail Mentor Support

mentor support

  •   Sift through curated resources and get connected with a mentor that suits you.
  •   Clarify your career-related queries and get guidance all the way.

Step 5

Hone Your Soft Skills

soft skills

  •   Find curated resources to improve your soft skills and life skills.
  •   Join live classes/workshops that interest you and better your employability.

Step 6

Enrol in a Tech Course

learning path

  •   Find expert-recommended certification courses to get upskilled.
  •   Select and enrol in a suitable tech course to land the career with ease.

Experiencing a Career

What Tech Careers Can be Test Driven?

We offer many different career test drive courses to help you test drive high-growth tech careers.

Tech career positions ready for test driving:

  • Data Analyst
  • AI Engineer
    • To be available for test driving shortly:
    • Cybersecurity Analyst
    • Cloud Architect
    • Digital Marketing Specialist
    • Full Stack Developer
    • Blockchain Developer
    • Mobile App Developer
Different jobs

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