Test the Waters Before You Dive In

Take a Test Drive to Start a Tech Career that Suits You

Your Tech Future Even Without an IT Background

Are you a fresh graduate or a college student just beginning to figure out and start a tech career that's right for you?

Or are you a working professional looking to switch to a tech career but finding it difficult, overwhelming and frustrating to choose a suitable one from continually emerging and evolving disruptive technologies like AI, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, and so on?

No more worries!

Drive, Decide and Dive In!

Real-world work

From our frequently updated list of new age tech career courses,

  •   select and test drive a tech career
  •   explore real-life work and
  •   gain career clarity

suitable career

Decide if the career is right for you by finding if it:

  •   aligns with your values
  •   matches your abilities and interests and
  •   provides you with fulfilment

career start
Dive In

With the help of a complete roadmap to land the career,

  •   improve your fundamentals
  •   enrol in a suitable tech course and
  •   start your tech career with confidence

How It Works

How You Kick-Start Your Tech Career

Choosing a suitable career that aligns with your values can have a significant impact on your lifelong levels of happiness, health, and fulfilment. And test driving is the right way to make an informed career choice.

Step 1

Select and Test Drive a Tech Career

explore real-life work

  •   Select and buy a tech career test drive course that interests you.
  •   Explore real-world work in 5 simulated learning environments.

Step 2

Gain Career Clarity

career clarity

  •   Get work insights by interacting with a senior in each workplace.
  •   Understand the nature of work and gain complete career clarity.

Step 3

Determine If the Career Suits You

career suitability

  •   Complete the hands-on activity and take a self-assessment quiz.
  •   Determine career suitability through the Japanese concept, Ikigai.

Step 4

Avail Mentor Support

mentor support

  •   Connect with a mentor through online resources suggested to you.
  •   Clarify your career-related queries and get guidance all the way.

Step 5

Improve Your Fundamentals

soft skills

  •   Improve career-specific core fundamentals through free practice.
  •   Enjoy confidence even if you are from a non-technical background.

Step 6

Get Qualified to Land a Job

learning path

  •   Enrol in a suitable tech certification course recommended to you.
  •   Get qualified to land your first job with ease and confidence.

Experience a Tech Career

Tech Careers You Can Test Drive Now

Data Analytics

Data analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

More New-Age Technologies

Please make sure to check this space frequently as more new-age technologies will be added soon.

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Test drive now to choose a tech career that's right for you.

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