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Understanding real-world applications of classroom learning is crucial to making yourself more employable and marketable. Our virtual micro-internships help you gain work exposure in multiple industries, understand how theory is put into practice and enhance your employability.

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"Knowing how to apply what you learn is key to career success."

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Start Virtual Micro-Internships

Select job roles that interest you and start virtual micro-internships from the comfort of your home.

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Gain Real-World Work Exposure

Gain real-world work exposure through problem-based learning in a simulated workplace environment.

Enhance your employability

Enhance Your Employability

Get certified with a chance to intern, volunteer or full-time work and stand out in the job market.


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How It Works

How Do You Micro-Intern?

Micro-internships not only allow you to explore different career paths and work on interesting assignments but also give you the chance to demonstrate your abilities to potential employers.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how you take a virtual micro-internship.

Start your internship

Step 1

Select a job role that interests you and start your micro-internship.

Gain work insights

Step 2

Acquire knowledge through problem-based learning in a simulated work environment.

Hands-on activity

Step 3

Apply knowledge to address a real-world challenge in the assigned company task.

Informational interview

Step 4

Gain career insights through job shadowing and informational interviews.

Professional Networking

Step 5

Get an opportunity to expand your professional network during your internship.

Job opportunities

Step 6

Get certified with internship, volunteering or job opportunities from the company.

Micro-Internship and Internship

How Micro-Internship is Special

  Unlike an internship, a micro-internship opportunity is available for everyone.

  Micro-internships shall be undertaken in multiple industries giving you multiple exposure.

  Diverse job roles can be explored through multiple micro-internships.

  A high degree of time flexibility is available in a micro-internship.

  There's no long-term commitment as a micro-internship requires only a few hours.

  Micro-internship is more focused and drives you straight to the work.

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