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Adapt to New-Age Technologies

Employability is your ability to get employed. You must have certain skills that make you more employable. One such significant skill is your ability to adapt to emerging technologies by learning their basic concepts.

With the advent of emerging technologies, companies look to hire candidates who can adapt to these technologies and help them accelerate their business growth.

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"You need not be a tech expert but need to know what each tech does."

Our tech exploration course helps you test drive a new-age technology, explore real-world work, learn the basic concepts of the chosen technology and enhance your employability in any career you pursue.

Gain clarity

Understand Technology

Gain an understanding of what the chosen tech can do and how it adds value to the company.

Decide suitability

Learn Problem-Solving

Learn how companies use this tech to solve a real-world problem focusing on the bigger picture.

Begin your tech journey

Observe Tech Application

Observe how this technology is applied by companies across sectors to accelerate their growth.

How You Stand Benefitted?


Get Certified



Add Value to Your Resume



Enhance Your Employability


How It Works

Don't Just Learn Tech, Test Drive It

Technology has become the lifeblood of companies, and embracing it is crucial for you to succeed in any career, be it tech or non-tech.

Test drive a new-age technology, learn its basic concepts, gain exposure and stand out from the crowd.

If you find it exciting, you may also consider pursuing a career in the chosen new-age technology.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how you take a test drive, explore, understand a new-age technology and get upskilled.

Real-World Case Studies

Step 1

Select a new-age tech that interests you.

Gain work insights

Step 2

Explore work and gain career insights.

Hands-on activity

Step 3

Try out your hands-on activity.

Refresh your basics

Step 4

Refresh your basics.

Evaluate your ability

Step 5

Get upskilled, assessed and certified.

Job opportunities

Step 6

Gain industry exposure through our hub.

Benefits of Tech

How You Stand to Gain in Your Career

non-tech career

In Your Non-Tech Career

  • Gaining exposure to new-age technologies provides the following benefits in your non-tech career:

  •   Remain employable and future-proof your career

  •   Negotiate a better salary

  •   More job opportunities from IT companies for non-tech roles

  •   Workplace training, adaptability and usage of the tech tools get easier

  •   Effective communication and collaboration using tech terminologies

  •   Better critical thinking and problem-solving

  •   Good decision-making and leadership skills

  •   Creativity and high level of confidence

tech career

In Your Tech Career

  • Learning a new-age technology in addition to your current one provides the following benefits for your tech career:

  •   Multiple technologies expand your horizons

  •   Excellent earning potential

  •   Endless growth opportunities

  •   Remote working with flexible time

  •   Good problem-solving skills

  •   Numerous job offers

  •   Creativity and innovation

  •   Making a difference

Tech Careers You Can Test Drive Now

Tech Exploration Courses

Data Analytics

Data analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

More New-Age Technologies

Please make sure to check this space frequently as more new-age technologies will be added soon.

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