Tech Career Exploration

Start Your Tech Career By Exploring It

Do you feel excited to start a tech career but find it difficult and overwhelming to figure out how and where to start? No worries! Start by exploring a tech career that interests you, find if it suits you and pursue it with confidence.

Tech career

Remember every tech career may not suit you.

Every technology is unique in its own way. So always remember that every tech career is not everyone's cup of tea.


An unsuitable tech career leads to job loss.

Working in an unsuitable tech career takes a toll on your performance and eventually results in job loss.

Begin your tech journey

No worries! Explore and find its suitability.

Relax! As it's always wise to test the waters and dive in, explore a tech career and pursue it with confidence.

How You Explore

How You Kick-Start Your Tech Career

The global demand for tech talent continues to grow manifold, and there's no better time to start a tech career than now. And we are here to help you every step of your way, right from exploring to landing a suitable tech career.

Drive → Decide → Dive In

Stage 1: Drive with Technology

Real-World Case Studies

Step 1

Test drive a tech career that interests you.

Gain work insights

Step 2

Explore work and gain career insights.

Stage 2: Decide with Clarity

Determine career suitability

Step 3

Determine if the career suits you.

Find a Mentor

Step 4

*Avail mentor support and get guidance.

Stage 3: Dive In with Confidence

Improve fundamentals

Step 5

*Learn computer basics if your background is non-tech.

Improve domain fundamentals

Step 6

*Learn domain-specific fundamentals.

Enrol in a tech course

Step 7

*Enrol in a tech bootcamp and get qualified.

soft skills

Step 8

*Learn and develop essential soft skills.


Step 9

Participate in hackathons and contests.

Job opportunities

Step 10

Get job support from tech bootcamp.

* You learn from expert-suggested online bootcamps, learning resources and certification courses provided by top institutes.

* You pay the respective course fees directly to these institutes.

Tech Careers You Can Test Drive Now

Tech Career Exploration Courses

Data Analytics

Data analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

More New-Age Technologies

Please make sure to check this space frequently as more new-age technologies will be added soon.

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Explore Your Future

Test drive now to explore and begin a tech career that's right for you.

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